Child Support

The lawyers at Saucy & Snow are intimately familiar with the extremely complex issues of Oregon child support laws. They are persuasive negotiators and strive to reach a just and fair agreement between our client and their spouse whenever possible. If an acceptable agreement cannot be reached, we vigorously pursue and protect your rights in court.

Child support orders may be modified to meet the changing circumstances of the children and either spouse. We will negotiate with your spouse or their attorney on your behalf if you want to change your child support order. If a fair agreement cannot be negotiated in light of changed circumstances, we will vigorously pursue a modification of the child support order on your behalf in court.

A child support order can be enforced against parents who fail to pay court ordered child support payments. If you desire the help of an attorney in collecting your child support, we will counsel and represent you in legal action to enforce your child support order.

Paul Saucy, Lauren Saucy, Shannon Snow, and Kevin Johnston will answer your questions about child support and explain your legal rights.

Let us help you resolve these stressful and confidential matters with the knowledge, experience and personal attention you need.

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