Premarital, Post-Marital, and Cohabitation Agreements

Unfortunately in our society today, marriage unions are often broken. When divorce becomes the only option, couples often disagree concerning how a division of property should be made. One way to avoid the bulk of the potential legal costs and emotional toll is to enter into a premarital agreement before marriage.

A premarital agreement is a contract between spouses that takes effect when they become married. The agreement can include the personal rights and obligations of each spouse, the disposition of assets, the rights to property, spousal support in the event of a separation or divorce, the making of a will or trust, and the disposition of life insurance benefits. A premarital agreement can be very detailed or it can deal with only a few assets or obligations.

Agreements such as premarital, post-marital, and cohabitation agreements can be used for many circumstances in Oregon – they are not just for the wealthy. Such a document could:

  • Pass separate property to children from a prior marriage
  • Protect a family business

  • Protect anticipated inheritance
  • Address the potential of future spousal support
  • Get protection from debts
  • Clarify financial rights in the event of divorce or death of a spouse

Premarital agreements in Oregon must strictly comply with Oregon law. You also should be aware of the ways in which your actions during the relationship may impact your agreement, and there must be a complete disclosure of all assets and liabilities. We will be happy to assist you in protecting your assets and negotiating a fair agreement.

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