Marion County’s Supplemental Local Rule 8.075 Model Parenting Plan:

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Oregon’s Child Support Calculator:

» The Child Support Guidelines Calculator
Based on the Oregon Child Support Guidelines; can be used to estimate the amount of child support that may be ordered in your case.

» Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) Governing Child Support
Includes an explanation of what does and does not go into computation using the state’s formula.
» Oregon’s Divorce Statute


Books to Read With Your Children:

» Divorce
» Remarriage


County Web Sites:

These sites contain information that may be useful to know about the county in which your case will be heard, including information about the judges, local court rules, how to get to the courthouse, etc.

» Benton County
» Linn County
» Marion County
» Polk County
» Yamhill County


General Interest:

These sites contain articles or information that may be useful to you.

» Divorce Magazine
» Tips to Prepare for Child Custody Mediation By: Philip M. Stahl, Ph.d.
» Child Support Payment History
» Oregon Judicial Department Family Law Program
» Marion County Mandatory Parenting class
» Oregon Revised Statutes
» Oregon Administrative Rules



» Bankruptcy Issues for the Family Law Attorney
» Dividing Oregon PERS Tier One and Tier Two Accounts
» Dividing Oregon PERS OPSRP and IAP Accounts